Mayor’s Message

Holiday Wishes

Starting with Thanksgiving in November and continuing with the holidays in December and New Years Day, the governing body wishes you all, safe and happy celebrations!


Capital Improvements

·       The repaving of Columbus Road and sidewalk replacement from Luther Lee Emerson School to the high school property is complete. Additional paving north of Madison Avenue to the Board of Education property was added at no additional cost to the Borough as the original bids were less than anticipated and less than the amount of the grant awarded.


 Current Tasks

·       Road Paving Projects – Meetings with residents along the unpaved roads of Chestnut St., Drury La., Margaret Ct., Orchard Rd. (off Anderson Ave.), Prescott St., Prospect St., and Ruth La. are to be held as soon as the DPW committee makes the arrangements.

·       Flooding on Wells Court – Once the videoing of the storm drains is completed and reviewed, the governing body will discuss available options to resolve this problem.

·       Dredging of Demarest Brook – The lack of an access agreement with one property owner has prevented this project (vicinity of Central & Northwood Avenues) from going forward at this point. Dredging will proceed as soon as an agreement is reached, weather conditions allow and the County is available.

·       Railroad Depot – The two senior citizen groups in town are now utilizing the depot for their meetings and activities. Anyone 55 and older can partake in the senior activities.



·       Leaves will continue to be picked up at the curb until December 5. Following that, you can bring leaves (loose or in paper bags, no plastic) to the composting area off County Road, north of Orchard Road. Leaves only at curb side - no branches or foreign material.

·       Branch removal will begin shortly after leaf collection ends. Branches will be removed on the east side of town (east of the railroad tracks) the first 10 days of the month (eg. Jan. 1-10), while branches will be removed on the west side of town (west of the tracks), the second 10 days of the month (e.g Jan. 11-20).

·       For pedestrian safety, following a snowfall, please shovel your sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of the snowfall. Do not place the snow from sidewalks and driveways in the roadway. (Local ordinances regulate the aforementioned).

·       If you have a fire hydrant along your property, please keep the area around the hydrant clear, including removing snow. This will help you and your neighbors in case of an emergency.


Congratulations to Councilman Joseph Gray on his re-election to the Borough Council. Congratulations also to Councilwoman-Elect Melinda Iannuzzi who will join the council in January.


Last, but certainly not least, a heartfelt THANK YOU to Councilwoman Mary Montagne for her dedication and hard work over the last three years! I will miss her diligence, attention to detail and follow-up. Beside the duties of her respective committees, Councilwoman Montagne often volunteered and went above and beyond in assisting with extra tasks for the Borough and its residents. Job(s) well done Mary!



            Ray Cywinski