Mayor’s Message


9/11 Remembrance (Wednesday September 11, 2013) – Please join us in our annual “9/11 Remembrance” to be held at 7:00 PM at the 9/11 Memorial in the park southeast of the railroad depot. Please join us in paying respect to all those who perished that day 12 years ago, especially Demarest native Chris Vialonga and others who resided in Demarest for part of their lives.


Affordable Housing Trust Funds

As required by the state’s Council on Affordable Housing (COAH), we submitted a letter and documents on August 2 detailing Demarest’s collections (from development projects) and expenditures for affordable housing. Although we submitted documentation last year, the most recent court decision required another submittal. Demarest officials will continue to work with officials in other towns and the League of Municipalities to prevent the state from seizing the unspent funds collected between July 2008 and March 2013. For Demarest, that amounts to approximately $66,000 having spent $250,000 on the group home for the developmentally disabled on Knickerbocker Rd. I, as well as most municipal officials, feel it is patently unfair for the state to seize the unspent funds. This is especially true while the issue of how COAH is organized is unresolved, regulations are being contested in court and the number of units required in each town is undecided.


Capital Improvements

·       The council has approved accepting a grant to pave Columbus Rd. and install new sidewalks from Luther Lee Emerson School north to Madison Ave. We anticipate completing the project this year.


ConsolidationWe continue to reach out to other nearby municipalities in seeking shared services that will result in greater efficiencies and reduced costs.


 Current Tasks

·       Road Paving Projects – As a result of polling residents on unpaved roads, the Borough engineer has prepared cost estimates for residents on seven roads. We will be inviting those residents on Chestnut St., Drury La., Margaret Ct., Orchard Rd. (off Anderson Ave.), Prescott St., Prospect St., and Ruth La. to a M&C meeting to discuss the possible paving of these roads.

·       Flooding on Wells Ct. – Investigations have started regarding the serious flooding issue along this street.

·       Dredging of Demarest Brook – The Demarest Brook approx. 200 feet south of Central Ave. to Northwood Ave. and approx. 125 feet north of Northwood Ave. will be dredged in the next couple of months. This project is to address flooding in this area.

·       Railroad Depot – The governing body is still open to renting out the Depot on a basis that will still allow senior citizen groups and other Borough organizations to utilize the facility. Starting in July, senior citizens once again started using the Depot for their activities. WELCOME BACK Seniors!



Congratulations and Best Wishes to the following retired Demarest employees:

·       DPW Ass't. Sup't. Robert Miller (May 31) having served Demarest residents for 40 yrs.

·       Police Sgt. Michael Smith (June 30) having served Demarest residents for 26 yrs.

·       DPW worker Marty Marquez (March 22) having served Demarest residents for 23+ yrs.


Summer is almost over. Please drive extra carefully as schools commence in September!



            Ray Cywinski