August 2011


September 11 Remembrance

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the attacks on our country by cowardly terrorists. I hope you can join us in remembering those who died on that fateful day. Demarest will observe this solemn occasion at 1:30 pm on Sunday, September 11 at our 9/11 Memorial at the Duck Pond. As September 11 has been designated a National Day of Service and Remembrance, I hope you can also put some time aside this day in service to others.


Demarest Day – September 24

We invite you to come together in the spirit of community to enjoy Demarest Day. Perhaps the message this day can convey so soon after our 9/11 Remembrance is that others cannot destroy our way of life. The United States people remain strong together, we will defend our freedom as well as others and we will not cower in the face of adversity. In fact, let us show that 9/11 has made us stronger and more united by continuing such events that other people can only dream about. Come out and enjoy rides, food and refreshments, friendship and pride in our community, in our nation.

In the face of tough financial times, I thank all of you who have helped make this day possible this year. Many of you have helped plan, organize and solicit and contribute funds to this year’s celebration. Perhaps not as grand as past years due to funding, this day still promises to be fun-filled. I have promised the employees that I would not spend a large amount of town revenues on this event this year when they have been asked to make the sacrifices they have. My sincere thanks, especially to Englewood Hospital, Alpine Country Club and Becton Dickinson for their generous contributions toward Demarest Day 2011.


Infrastucture Improvements

DPW Building – We have completed major construction on our new DPW facility and will soon start to move equipment and material into the buildings.

RailRoad Depot – The refurbishment of the interior has been completed with additional storage incorporated for artifacts and records kept by our Demarest Historical Committee.

Road Paving – We worked closely with Bergen County as they paved County and Hardenburgh Roads this summer. Some modifications were requested of the County and some modifications were made to improve the projects. Isabella Way (with Borough funds and special assessment on the property owners), Wakelee Drive and Park Street are to be paved as well.

Drainage/Waterways – Projects that we have planned or are investigating include drainage along the tributary that crosses Northwood & Central Avenues, Orchard Road, south of Hardenburgh Road and the banks of the Tenakill Brook opposite the gazebo.


Shared Services

We continue to work diligently in investigating the consolidation of police services with Closter. We have requested proposals to conduct a study, a study that will be funded by forfeiture funds seized by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office. In addition, because your governing body had the courage and foresight to move forward with such a study, Demarest (as well as Closter) is eligible to receive a minimum of $100,000 to help implement a consolidation should we deem a consolidation appropriate.


A meeting between residents and me on July 11 concerning Demarest Day was very well attended and informative.  I plan to hold these types of informal meetings with the residents on a regular basis. The next such meeting is scheduled for October 10 at 7:30 PM at Borough Hall. Bring your concerns, your suggestions and yes, your criticisms.


Raymond Cywinski
201-767-7441 (Evenings and weekends)