August 28, 2011


Dear Demarest Residents,


Above all, I hope you are all safe after Hurricane Irene. I know there was some property damage from flooding and falling trees, but we must be very thankful, that we as a community, fared as well as we did. Many communities, because of geography and just bad luck, had much more damage than we did in Demarest.


I want to thank our employees, especially Department of Public Works (DPW) and Police personnel. My thanks go out starting with our management employees, DPW Acting Superintendent Robert DeTemple and DPW Assistant Superintendent Robert Miller, Police Chief James Powderley and Deputy Police Chief David Hoagland. Because of their due diligence and advanced planning, we were prepared to handle almost any challenge we could have faced.


The employees in both the DPW and Police Departments performed all the tasks required of them during the storm. I know that this is part of their jobs, but I commend all the DPW & Police employees who approached the preparations and the tasks with professionalism, a positive attitude and a true team approach. THANK YOU!


Called into service mainly for emergencies, the cadre of volunteers in the Ambulance Corps, Fire Department and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) greatly adds to our safety and helps define the type of community Demarest is. We all owe a debt of gratitude to all the volunteers who help us in our times of need. THANK YOU volunteers for your service during this storm and for all your time you devote to Demarest!


Starting Monday August 29, Our DPW employees will be cleaning up after the storm. If you have a pressing need that must be addressed, please call 201-768-5439. Either the DPW will handle the work or refer the concern to the appropriate party.


One more thank you to you, the residents of Demarest. We could have been inundated (no pun intended) with calls during the storm, but all the calls we received were for very good reasons. We also thank you for limiting your travelling on town roads during the storm. This greatly decreased the chance of any mishaps.


And to those of you who came out to the Hardenburgh Avenue bridge on Sunday afternoon, what a wonderful feeling. There was such a sense of community, perhaps partly from relief, by all those who came together to view the receding floodwaters. Several residents commented that this felt like Demarest Day talking with neighbors, relating events of the past 24 hours and enjoying a respite from the worries we had just been through.


Again, I hope you came through the storm safe and with no or minimal damage to your property.


I look forward to seeing you on more pleasant occasions.

Raymond Cywinski
201-767-7441 (Evenings and weekends)