December 2010

It takes a lot of dedicated people to make a community great. We are fortunate in Demarest with many residents who volunteer to serve on boards, commissions and committees. The positions are varied and many. Being a relatively small community and with the responsibilities each of us have, the number of individuals willing and able to serve is sometimes limited in certain areas.

If you have the desire to serve your fellow residents on a municipal level, I ask that you send a note (it can be short) or call the Borough Hall (201-768-0167 ext. 39) or, call me at home at 201-767-7441, as to what you may be interested in, your profession or hobby and, the relative time you have available. For instance, the Board of Health meets quarterly, the Shade Tree Commission meets every other month while the Environmental Commission, Planning Board and Board of Adjustment (Zoning) generally meet monthly (sometimes taking off for the summer).

Or perhaps you have expertise in a specific area that would be well suited for an ad-hoc committee should a particular project arise. Expertise may include architectural, landscaping or horticulture, sustainability (this being constantly defined), health care, electrical, mechanical, financial and a host of other areas.

One of my goals is to reach out to the residents so that we can offer the best services to keep our community running smoothly and efficiently while improving the general quality of life. No one can do it alone and paying for every service is not feasible if we want our community to be affordable. I believe you will find volunteer service in your own community fulfilling, enriching and enjoyable. And you don't have to drive far!

Thank you for your consideration.

Raymond Cywinski